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Through the Eyes of a Child

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"Oh, Honey! I LOVE your BEAUTIFUL flowers," exclaimed my 4 year old grandson Jude. "Honey" is my grandmother name. What Jude was looking at was a flowerbed compromised of 3 anemic zinnia plants, almost choked out by every kind of weed known in Central Texas. But Jude saw the flowers.

I used to have a lovely garden when I had more time and better knees to maintain the plants. Nowadays, it is truly survival of the fittest to live in my garden. Zinnias are one flower I can usually keep going in the summer.

Oh, to have the eyes of a child! Eyes that see the flowers, not the weeds surrounding them! Eyes that love us no matter what we look like. Eyes that find the simplest of things to play with - a big box, a spray bottle, a piece of chalk. Eyes that relish the beauty surrounding us - a sunset (when we re sitting in traffic) ; a baby's smile (when they've just made a mess) ; a full moon (when the mosquitoes are having a field day).


I want to choose those child - like eyes - to see the blessings, not the inadequacies. And even though it's only January, I'm looking forward to planing those zinnia seeds because Jude's perspective is a better one!




  • Tricia Klinger: January 28, 2017

    The precious eyes of children was the driving reason why I taught elementary school children for over thirty years. Their perspectives helped me keep my world fresh and joyful. I had a special connection to my mom’s mommy through flowers. (Grandmother’s name was Ruby Violet.) She had something blooming in her garden practically all year. If I couldn’t find something blooming, I could usually find some striking foliage to bring into the house to her. I wish many special times to you and Jude, Tricia!
    Our friendship of many years is such a blessing to me!

  • Paulette Binion: January 28, 2017

    You have always had those eyes when looking at me, your unworthy friend, and I love you with all my heart for that. You are my inspiration, and always have been. Love you!
    Your Poopsie

  • Melinda Lee: January 28, 2017

    So beautifully said! Grandchildren bring such joy and inspiration!
    What a blessing from God!
    Thank you for sharing your grands with us Tricia.
    Melinda aka “Gemma”

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