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You need a Florist before you need a Florist

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Someone recently asked me about competition to our local brick and mortar Flower Shoppe.
In our search engine driven world, there are several things a virtual experience cannot deliver — A hug, a smiling face, a listening ear, an empathetic heart, a super creative suggestion, or a simple prayer. This is how we compete at Tricia Barksdale Designs.
Building a relationship with our customers is not just a business strategy, it is a genuine desire to “Bloom where we are planted”. Henry Blackaby once said, if we really want to serve God, there is no mystery as to how to do that. Look for where His work is already in progress and join in there. In our Flower Shoppe, whenever a person walks through our doors, a need has brought them in. We don’t want to just meet that need, but perhaps, other needs as well. One might say that sounds corny, maybe so, but when a major life experience presents itself, your local Florist is already your friend. And friends know better how to help you than a complete stranger.
The moral of this story you ask? You need to find a florist and establish rapport. One that builds a relationship; shares losses, joys, pain and triumphs. This acquaintance or friendship with your local florist will enable her to help you with any occasion. In summary, you need a florist before you need a florist. We welcome the opportunity to be yours.


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