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Elizabeth (Liz) KuyKendall

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My spiritual journey with flowers began in earnest after I completely changed jobs, and went to work for a shop in Midland, TX in 2011.  As with learning any new skill, trying, courage, and confidence are key.

However; it became apparent very quickly that as I 'tried' and handled each flower, learning their names, and seeing they had a 'slant' and direction that they grew. I was fighting against what I was trying to do.  When I let my ego run the show I would - force, and stab, and crush, those lovely flowers and get frustrated and disappointed with myself.

One morning, I just took a deep breath, looked at the stem in my hand, and I knew that the arrangement I was making was not about me.  It was about the joy someone was going to receive with such a thoughtful gift.  It was about when we loose someone we love, and in that terrible pain, we see the beauty of that rose someone provided in their attempt to comfort what cannot be comforted.

 I learned, It was about using my talent to help express one person's heart to another.  Whether it was 'Thinking of you!", "I'm sorry." or 'Hope these flowers brighten your day."

So, when I begin each arrangement, I think about the person who sent the flowers and the person receiving the flowers and I do my best to not get in the way of fulfilling those flower's purpose. They are perfectly and wonderfully made.  They lack nothing.

 I have the honor and personal fulfillment of being the vessel that intentionally places them - with the knowledge, skill, courage and confidence I have been given.

My name is Elizabeth ( Liz) , and I am so happy to say, "I am one of Tricia's Flower Shoppe Girls."


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