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No matter the occasion, Tricia Barksdale Designs can put together a floral arrangement which truly expresses your feelings!

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  • Hazel of TX

    "I liked the ease of ordering flowers for my daughter. And because the shop is close to her house she picked it up, and you added more flowers, because you didn't have to deliver it. I thought that was extra nice of you. Thank you!"

  • Shelley of TX

    "The flower arrangements for the entryway of Grace Bible Church are gorgeous!! Everyone coming into the church this morning has commented on them - you have "graced" us with your talents!"

  • Janet of VA

    "Tricia did a lovely presentation for each of our two daughters' weddings. The formal English garden style was perfect for Amy. Beth chose a more casual sunflower theme for her fall celebration. Both were perfect!"

  • Melinda of TX

    "Tricia is one of the most creative people I have ever met and is a delight to work with! She will design a unique and beautiful arrangement for any occasion."

  • Deavia of TX

    "The flowers sent by my son Daniel were gorgeous. The whole office was fragranced. It helped me turn 40. Thanks."

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